Become a property investor

I am passionate about enabling investors in South Africa to succeed and have thus created a suite of coaching services and educational products. The coaching services intend to educate people, help them access a network of capital rich investors and demystify property investing technology tools. To help you get started, the coaching advisor below will help you determine the right coaching service for you, then you contact me directly for an obligation-free introductory call.

Entrepreneur Coaching Program

This coaching program is intended to build a property side hustle that will allow you to leave your job within 5 – 10 years (** depending on many factors). This package is best suited to someone with the dream of managing their own property portfolio. It includes 6 x one-on-one sessions plus access to an online learning platform and resource library.

Business Coaching Program

This program empowers you to make a sustainable financial change in your life over a period of two years. During this period, we will have regular meetings and in-between sessions support.


Success Stories

Our property investing journey was prompted out of the trials and tribulations caused from Covid-19 lock down. My wife and I came to the agreement that investing in property would be the ideal vehicle for realizing our dreams.

When researching how to get started, we stumbled across Laurens’ YouTube channel and we were instantly hooked. The amount of relative information he shared blew us away. We especially enjoyed his credible case studies and his software for deal analysis.

Within the space of six months, Laurens provided us with one-on-one coaching, relevant professional contacts and constant support in between sessions. To date, we have completed a profitable capital flip, renovating a “Live-in Flip” and bought our first multi-let investment.

Through Laurens’ advice and network we are well on our way to achieving our real estate goals. Having access to his list of recommended lawyers, attorneys, investors… has added significant value in our decision making process. If you want to get into property, we highly recommend Laurens and his business coaching program.

The Lotriets

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