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I am passionate about enabling investors in South Africa to succeed and have thus created a suite of coaching services and educational products. The coaching services intend to educate people, help them access a network of capital rich investors and demystify property investing technology tools. To help you get started, choose a coaching program below that best describes your goals, then you contact me directly for an obligation-free introductory call.

key benefits of coaching

Proven Formula

The positive cashflow model has worked for hundreds of South Africans who now enjoy financial independence.

Business in a Box

Get access to all the tools, templates, and professional advisors you need to make an informed investment decision.

Results Driven

Coupled with 30 hours of online content and dedicated one-on-one sessions, you are assured to make at least one purchase in under 6 months

Results Achieved Through The Coaching Program

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Coaching Programs

Starter Program


6 one-on-one sessions

Property Investor’s WhatsApp Group:

6 months access

Property App:
6-months access

0% Transfer discounts

2 TPN Reports


  • Basic Calculator
  • OTP
  • Due Diligence
  • Finance Proposals


  • 1 x Investment Strategy
  • Deal Analysis & Area Research
  • Due Diligence & Negotiation
  • OTP & Structures
  • Institutional Finance
  • Transfer & Management

Pro Program


10 one-on-one sessions

​Property Investor’s WhatsApp Group:

1-year access

Property App:
1-year access

10% Transfer discounts

12 TPN Reports

Starter Templates +

  • Advanced Calculator
  • Business Plan
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • AOD

STARTER Modules +

  • Trusts
  • Multi-let Strategy
  • Private Finance
  • Zoning
  • Refinance

Elite Program


20 one-on-one sessions

Property Investor’s WhatsApp Group:

Unlimited access

Property App:
Unlimited access

20% Transfer discounts

24 TPN Reports

PRO Templates +

  • Lease Agreements
  • Commercial Finance
  • Market Reports
  • Investor Pitch

PRO Modules +

  • Portfolio Review & Scale
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Commerical Finance
  • Creative Finance
  • Live Buying Experience

Coaching Process

Here is an outline of my comprehensive 6 steps to making a purchase. From assessing financial goals and understanding yield assessments to mastering deal analysis and due diligence, each session is a building block towards your success in the property market. My tailored approach ensures you gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in identifying and maximizing investment opportunities. With homework assignments to reinforce your learning and real-world applications, this program is more than just a course – it’s a transformational journey in real estate mastery.

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“The system we’ve been taught to follow – get a degree, a good job at a big company and work until your 65 to retire “happily” doesn’t work anymore… Instead, we should become captains of our own financial ships by educating ourselves on various financial assets, growing our passive income, building multiple streams of income and challenging the status quo.”

– Laurens Boel