Property Coaching

To invest in property you need three things; knowledge, capital and tools to be competitive. I am passionate about enabling investors in South Africa to succeed and has thus created a suite of coaching services. The coaching services intend to educate people, help them access a network of capital rich investors and demystify Property technology tools. Interested in finding out more? Contact me directly for an obligation free introductory call. 

One-on-one Coaching

A coach is someone who has achieved the results you desire. A coach can guide you, hold you accountable and show you the quickest path to success, but it still requires you to do all the work. My team and I provide an exclusive one-on-one coaching experience for serious investors. Below is a high-level explanation of the 6 fundamental sessions that make up his coaching programme. We’ve included links to articles written by Laurens so you can get a sense of his knowledge and experience.


  • Discuss and agree on a common understanding of this coaching arrangement (restrictions and expectations)
  • Get to know each other, your level of property experience and reviewing your current investments
  • Difference between the Cash flow and Cash strategy
  • SMARTEN-UP goal setting methodology and your custom 5-year plan to Financial Freedom
  • Homework: create your 6, 12- and 18-month goals and actionable items

  • Understanding the Return On Investment calculation
  • The basics of running the numbers for buy to hold and buy to sell strategies
  • Introduction to the My Property App tool which property investors use to analyse every deals
  • Running through several live deal examples
  • Homework: analyse 10+ deals, find an area worth pursuing in more detail and understand the costs behind renovating a property

  • Reviewing homework from the previous section and answer any questions around analysing deals
  • Deep dive into area research tools TPN (for rental information) and LightStone (for recent sold comparables). How to use these tools to make informed investment decisions
  • Homework: analyse 10+ deals and to do research on 3 areas to determine if they make sense for your strategy

  • How to access OPM (other people’s money) using
    • Traditional finance: how to approach, access and secure financing from the big banks
    • Private finance: how to find, appeal to and structure financing from private investors and bridging finance companies
    • Creative finance: how to find and execute creative deals that require little to no money
  • Budgeting and cash flow management to increase your bondability

Homework: put together an investor proposal and approach 5 investors

  • The 3 investment vehicles for property investors (pro’s and con’s). When and how to make use of trust structures
  • How to setup a company (introduction to my property specific accountant) *if required
  • Understanding the fundamentals of an effective Offer To Purchase agreement
  • The basics of asset allocation and how to effectively protect your wealth
  • Homework: setup your investment vehicle (i.e. company or trust structure)

From this session onwards, we will focus on analysing deals and making offers as needed. And if deals are accepted, I will help you setup your power team.

Group Coaching

We understand that not everyone will be able to afford the one-on-one coaching product, especially with our current economic environment. Therefore Laurens and his team have created a Group Coaching programme. This programme will consist of 5 people joining Laurens through the 6 sessions laid out above. The 6 sessions will be done online and enable you to go on the property journey as a group. The downside is that you won’t have the intimacy of the one-on-one sessions, but you will get exposed to the fundamental learnings to become a professional property investor.

About your coach

Laurens Boel, professional property investor, author and coach started investing in property at the end of 2014 after being retrenched from a global IT company. Being retrenched taught him that relying on one income stream is incredibly risky. Since 2014 Laurens successfully built a local and international property portfolio and been involved in over 100 successful property transactions.

He specializes in multi-lets, student accommodation and investing overseas (specifically in the UK). His investment philosophy is simple: make sure the property makes money from day ONE!

Interested in finding out more? Contact Laurens directly for an obligation free introductory call.

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