Millionaire in the Making

Building generational wealth by investing wisely.


ISBN 9781776096336

Format Paperback

Published and Distributed by Penguin Random House South Africa

About The Book

Millionaire in the Making focuses on property investing as a foundation for wealth. The reader will be armed with secrets to investing in South Africa’s lucrative property market, such as finding below-market-value deals, leveraging other people’s money and using efficient tax structures. Plus, you’ll get advice on wealth-generation strategies like trading and starting a business.

The book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their financial situation, as well as experienced investors looking to polish their portfolios and build wealth, not only for themselves but for generations to come.

What’s inside


Chapter 1

Escaping the Rat Race


Chapter 2

Genes, Athletes and Fighting Our Animalistic Desires


Chapter 3

Seven Laws of Finance


Chapter 4

Financial Security and Happiness at Work


Chapter 5

Lifestyle by Design


Chapter 6

Cowboys, Habits and Wealth Dynamics


Chapter 7

Economics 101


Chapter 8

Cash Flow while you Sleep


Chapter 9

POWERED Investing


Chapter 10

Automatic Traders


Chapter 11

Pareto’s Business


Chapter 12

Passive Property


Chapter 13

Asset Allocation


Chapter 14

Protecting your Castle


Many South Africans are crippled by generational poverty, where liabilities (like black tax) are inherited instead of assets that can kick-start brighter futures. Through the combination of debilitating apartheid laws and a lack of financial education, many South African’s are paralyzed by poverty. Unfortunately, we can’t change the past of apartheid, but we can start today to destroy the poverty cycle. As Bill Gates once said, ‘If you are born poor, it’s not your fault, but if you die poor, it’s your fault.’ Since 1994, any South African armed with the right knowledge and attitude has had the ability to change their financial future, and this book will give that recipe.

Generational wealth represents the assets passed down from one generation to the next, providing a competitive edge for your child’s success. In this book, you will learn the insider secrets to investing in property and how to structure your personal finances for generational wealth. To beat generational poverty, we must convert consumers into investors, spenders into savers, and tame our animalistic desire for instant gratification. This book is not a get-rich-quick guide. It provides a step-by-step process to mastering your finances and building a steady yet sustainable pot of wealth that your future family will thank you for.

This educational guide is divided into three parts and fourteen chapters. The first part, Wealth Psychology, dives into the mindset of the rich versus the poor, along with the habits and rituals of success. The second part, Wealth Generation, explains how the economy works and how you can earn a better income through trading, starting a business and property investing. The final part, Wealth Protection, provides beginner techniques to securing your wealth for future generations.

The book’s main principle is to leverage property to eliminate poverty. Property is one of the oldest and best asset classes to build generational wealth. This book will arm South Africans with the insider secrets to building a property portfolio. You will learn how to find below-market-value deals, how to tap into OPM (other people’s money), how to structure your property business for estate planning, and how to use all the strategies employed by legends like Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad).

If we don’t find a solution for generational poverty, South Africa and its people will continue to be enslaved. This book is a tribute to all the people who have educated and helped me understand wealth. It is my small contribution to Nelson Mandela’s dream of educating all South Africans to be on the same playing field. Equality … it’s up to us.



Author, educator and property expert Laurens Boel sets out every step of the wealth-generation process, including how the rich think differently from the poor, how the economy works and how to earn passive income through side hustles. He offers his own set of insider insights on how to grow and protect your wealth.

ISBN 9781776096336

Format Paperback


Format ePub

Published and Distributed by Penguin Random House South Africa

About the author.

After successfully completing an Honours in Computer Science, Laurens started working for a large IT company in South Africa. After 4 years he was retrenched, and left without savings, without an income, and without hope. He stumbled across a property course that changed his life. Over the past 8 years he has built a successful multi-let portfolio, been involved in over 50 successful property deals and coached thousands of South African's into property investing.


Laurens Boel