Financial Freedom Through Property

Practical tips, insider secrets and real life case studies about property investing successfully in South Africa.


E-book & Hardcopy Available
Published and Distributed by Penguin Random House South Africa

About The Book

Financial Freedom Through Property is filled with practical tips, insider secrets and case studies. It explains the risks and rewards of property investing, how to make the right offer on property deals, raise capital, contract the right team, negotiate win-win scenarios, utilise innovative PropTech, find discounted properties and enjoy positive cash flows from day one. It also tells the story of how Laurens became one of the top property investors in South Africa – after being retrenched and going broke.

What’s inside


Chapter 1

The Beginning of my Property Journey


Chapter 2

The Seven Principles of Financial Freedom


Chapter 3

The Law of Successful Property Investing


Chapter 4

SAPF: The Starting Point to Buying Propertyw of Successful Property Investing


Chapter 5

Cash vs Cash Flow Investing


Chapter 6

Financial Metrics: Yields and Returns


Chapter 7

PropTech Tools for Deal Analysis


Chapter 8

The Art of Negotiating BIG Discounts


Chapter 9

Wealth Protection


Chapter 10

Turning Property into a Passive Business


Chapter 11

Getting over Excusitis


Chapter 12

Final Words


Most people believe that property is a great investment, but that in order to get into property you need money, contacts and experience. When you only see the barriers to entry, you tend to give up before you even try. 

Financial Freedom Through Property is my contribution to educating South Africans on the insider secrets to property investing. After 10 years of investing and at the tender age of 30, I’m financially secure, which means my basic living expenses can bare covered by passive income. Things like, my bond, levies, rates and taxes, groceries and insurances can be covered paid by using the income I receive from rental properties. This is empowering because if I were to lose the ability to earn an active income, I could reduce my lifestyle and still survive on my passive income streams.



A step-by-step, practical guide on how to purchase your first investment property, written in easy-to-understand, conversational language that explains complex concepts simply.

E-book & Hardcopy Available
Published and Distributed by Penguin Random House South Africa

About the author.

After successfully completing an Honours in Computer Science, Laurens started working for a large IT company in South Africa. After 4 years he was retrenched, and left without savings, without an income, and without hope. He stumbled across a property course that changed his life. Over the past 8 years he has built a successful multi-let portfolio, been involved in over 50 successful property deals and coached thousands of South African's into property investing.


Laurens Boel