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Whether you need to inspire, inform or entertain your audience, I am the man for the job. I am a professional speaker and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), which is the highest speaking award given by Toastmasters International.

Being the youngest specialized team dynamics coach, I always try to bring innovative spins to my talks that will be contagious to the audience.

My top keynote speeches include;

  • Emotional Intelligence – what makes you tick and why?

  • Changing the Game – how to make every problem, an opportunity.

  • Mistaking your way to Creative Innovation – can mistakes lead to possibilities?

  • Serial Entrepreneur – how to channel your energy to your full potential.

  • The Millennial Mind-set – they’re weird, I should know.

R10 000
1 hour
R15 000
2 hours
R20 000
2 hour workshop

No audience is too big for me to handle. Being a romantic at heart, I absolutely love emceeing weddings and being in the presence of true love.

The mc role is often misunderstood… most people believe an mc is someone who makes people laugh, which is of course true, but there is a lot more behind the scenes that a good mc must do;

  • they must ensure each of the other speakers have good, timely speeches.

  • they must be in constant contact with the catering staff to ensure food is served on time.

  • they keep their finger on the pulse with the DJ to ensure the right mood of music is played at the right time.

The mc is like a conductor of an orchestra – they make sure everyone is playing there role, and they do it while making it look easy. That’s why you need me –  I take care of everything while making everyone laugh.

R7 500
All inclusive

Facilitation is an art form, it is not something everyone is born with. Let me guide you through an effective tried and tested approach to running engaging workshops. We help bring about innovative brainstorming or set the scene for sensitive discussions.

As a Director of multiple Toastmasters clubs, I have logged well over 1000 hours of speaking, facilitating and conflict resolution. With the expertise of facilitation as well as a deep understanding of personality types and team dynamics, I can turn a borning workshop into a well-run machine.

R8 000
2 hour faciliation
R12 000
Half day
R15 000
Full day

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