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In order to help you raise the finance for your deal, I need as much information as possible. Many people are scared that I will run with the deal and not compensate them for their time. This is not something that I will do. I can assure you that I have more than enough deals to work with. The only reason I do this work is to try help others into the property market. Sometimes, if the deal is good enough, I will do the deal and compensate you fairly.

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Why partner with me?

I’ve seen many property investors fail because of a lack of focus. They try to do every strategy in every area and have no local experience or expertise. Laser focus is a key attribute of my success. I only invest in multi-lets in the Johannesburg South Area. I’ve purchased multiple blocks of flats and have extensive experience in which streets to avoid and where the best deals are. I’ve also established a reliable power team to manage the asset with little to no involvement.

Trust is not bought, it is earned. You can trust me to secure a good investment in my chosen strategy and area.

Property provides our most essential human need for survival: shelter. This makes property one of the safest investment assets, because it will never go “out of style”, even in an ever-changing world. I consider myself a risk averse investor and that’s why property makes sense for me. It’s a long-term, relatively safe and good performing asset class.

When implemented correctly property can outperform most other asset classes and is the cornerstone of generational wealth.

  • Cash Flow
  • Low Risk
  • Generational Wealth

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