Financially Free at 30


Financially Free at 30 is a business self-help book on how to become successful in property investing in South Africa. This book will show you the techniques and strategies of turning property into a full-time, passive business. Before venturing into property, Laurens was in the corporate rat race. A few years after starting as a graduate, he was retrenched and left with nothing to fall back on. That was the day he learnt that the old system of “getting a job” won’t guarantee income. “You need to build other income streams to protect yourself. If you have one income stream, you are a slave.” – Laurens Boel.

Format: Soft Copy

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This book is filled with practical strategies, live business cases and inspiration. It will teach you, challenge you and inspire you to take the steps towards becoming the captain of your ship, director of your show and author of your story, because life is too short to be enslaved by money.

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