Entrepreneur Coaching Program

This coaching program is intended to build a property side hustle that will allow you to leave your job within 5 – 10 years (** depending on many factors). This package is best suited to someone with the dream of managing their own property portfolio. Below are the services included for this product and it’s associated price.


What’s included



Included in Package?

Investment Strategies Covered:

  • Sourcing (aka wholesaling)

  • Buy to let

  • Buy to flip

There are many strategies in property. Your strategy will be determined based on your goals, current resources, areas of interest and risk appetite

Finance Strategies Covered:

  • Traditional finance

  • Either private or creative finance

You can access finance either through traditional finance (i.e. banks), private finance (i.e. angel investors) and creative finance (i.e. back-to-back).

PropTech Tools Covered:

  • My Property App

  • Either TPN or Lightstone

PropTech gives you the ability to compete in an ever-more digital world. These tools can give you invaluable insights into an area or enable you to analyse a deal in seconds.

One-on-one personalized coaching

This program will give you the knowledge, resources and confidence to make a purchasing decision

6 Sessions

Access to online education content:

The Property Bootcamp

This online university provides you with the insider theory on successful property investing. Learn how the top 1% of investors raise millions in private finance, how to structure your property business to be tax efficient and how PropTech can automate your business. 

Access to deal analysis tool:

My Property App

My Property App is an innovative PropTech tool that empowers you to analyse deals correctly and efficiently. With a click of a button you can download a professionally designed investor proposal to help raise finance.

6 Months Gold Package

Access to property investors networking group on WhatsApp

Your networth is based on your network. With over 100 investors connected on WhatsApp group, you are sure to find partners, investors and agents to help you on your property journey.

Access to power team

Builders, accountants, lawyers, agents and many more professionals are required for you to succeed in property. This coaching program gives you the access, through Laurens, to connect with vetted professional members.

After coaching support

Property is a long game. The best results come with long-lasting relationships between coach and coachee.

6 Months after Coaching

Quarterly half-day workshops

Hosted at the end of every quarter, we host a half-day deep dive into various investment strategies, such as buy to lets, multi-lets, flips and more.

Price: R29 500

One-on-one Coaching


I provide an exclusive one-on-one coaching experience for people who are serious about becoming property investors. Here is a high-level explanation of the 5 fundamental sessions that make up the coaching programme.

Session 1: Investment Planning


Using a Financial Freedom Calculator, we review your currentsituation & plan a realistic 5 year investment plan. Expectations, goals and structure of coaching are discussed and agreed.

Timeline: 2 weeks to finalize your financial plan and complete Property Bootcamp courses.

Session 2: Area and Deal Research


During this technical deep dive, we unpack gross yield, ROI andIRR financial metrics to determine good investment areas and deals. You will review and analyse 10 areas and property dealsgiving you confidence to valuate a deal.

Analyse 10 areas using gross yield and 50 investments using ROI (return on investment).

Timeline: 4 weeks to find a few suitable investment areas.

Session 3: Financing, Legal and Tax Structures


Pre-approval with a bank, reviewing private finance options,registering a company and business bank account anddiscussing and signing your first offer to purchase agreement.


4 weeks to finalise finances setuplegals / structure.

Session 4: Due Diligence and Negotiation

To manage risk you need to be aware of the risk you aretaking. We cover all the hidden costs and how to prove allcosts with evidence. How to find and negotiate below marketvalue deals (avg 10%-30% discounts).

Source evidence for deals and arrange 5 viewings.


2 Weeks to complete homework and find a few suitable investment properties to make an offer on.

Session 5: Finances and Transfer


We will focus on analysing real deals and making real offers to purchase as needed. If your offers are accepted, I will help you setup your power team, who will in turn help you close the deal.

How it works:

Private, public and creative finance discussion.

Finance application through qualified bond origination.

Prepare deposit and transfer costs.


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Business Coaching Program

This program empowers you to make a sustainable financial change in your life over a period of two years. During this period, we will have regular meetings and in-between sessions support.

R40 500

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