Elite Program

This program is for the investor who is ready to make a property purchase within 6 months. The mentorship package goes beyond the fundamental property investment education and provides you with the insider secrets of the property investment game, plus in-field experience of buying a property.

Requirements to join

  • Desire to buy a property within 6 months
  • Risk appetite for the multi-let market
  • A credit score of above 650
  • Minimum capital of more than R300k

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Elite Program


20 one-on-one sessions

Property Investor’s WhatsApp Group:

Unlimited access

Property App:
Unlimited access

20% Transfer discounts

24 TPN Reports

PRO Templates +

  • Lease Agreements
  • Commercial Finance
  • Market Reports
  • Investor Pitch

PRO Modules +

  • Portfolio Review & Scale
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Commerical Finance
  • Creative Finance
  • Live Buying Experience


What’s included

Buying Experience

By this stage, you should be familiar with deal analysis andhave booked several viewings for our buying experience day. To get the best benefit of this experience, make sure you prepare the day in advance. I usually recommend 30 minutesper viewing, allowing you to fit 5 – 7 viewings in an afternoon.

The buying experience is a structured and practical day in the field, where we intend tocomplete our final due diligence before putting pen to paper. By the end of the experience, youshould confidently sign at least one OTP and hopefully close on a deal.

Step 1: Breakfast Preparation (9am – 10am)

We prepare for the day with a goal setting and expectations management meeting. We reviewthe deals of the day and ensure we know what questions to ask and how to approach the day.

Step 2: Viewing round #1 (10am – 12pm)

Aim to view 3 – 4 multi-lets during this first viewing window.
Break: Get something to fill the void in our bellies! (12pm – 1pm)
Quick break from viewings, we grab some food and review the properties we’ve seen, re-runnumbers and vet assumptions.

Step 3: Viewing round #2 (1pm – 3pm)

Aim to view another 3 multi-lets during this second viewing window.

Step 4: Conclusion (3pm – 4pm)

Closing discussion on the deals, determine offer price and sign an OTP.


After Mentorship Additional Support

      • Follow up 2 weeks after the buying experience and help you progress the deal
      • 6 months of additional support while your property transfers and you begin managing theasset

One-on-one Coaching


I provide an exclusive one-on-one coaching experience for people who are serious about becoming property investors. Here is a high-level explanation of the 10 fundamental sessions that make up the coaching programme.

1. Investment Strategies

Learn how to make money from positive cash flow and equity gains.

2. Area Research

Find the best areas for cash flow and what indicators lead to appreciation.

3. Deal Analysis

Learn how to calculate ROI, IRR, ROE and Cap rates.

4. Due Diligence

Vet all your assumptions & have confidence in your deal.

5. Proptech

How to use various data-driven tools to confirm your deal inputs.

6. Finance

How to leverage institutional, private and creative finance.

7. Structures & Legal

What structure is most tax efficient and the best offer to purchase clauses.

8. Property transfer & management

Learn the transfer period and how to effectively manage your asset.

9. Power Team

The 9 main team professionals you need in your team.

10. Live Deal

Live deal analysis and market updates playlists


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Starter Program


6 one-on-one sessions

Property Investor’s WhatsApp Group:

6 months access

Property App:
6-months access

0% Transfer discounts

2 TPN Reports


  • Basic Calculator
  • OTP
  • Due Diligence
  • Finance Proposals


  • 1 x Investment Strategy
  • Deal Analysis & Area Research
  • Due Diligence & Negotiation
  • OTP & Structures
  • Institutional Finance
  • Transfer & Management

Pro Program


10 one-on-one sessions

​Property Investor’s WhatsApp Group:

1-year access

Property App:
1-year access

10% Transfer discounts

12 TPN Reports

Starter Templates +

  • Advanced Calculator
  • Business Plan
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • AOD

STARTER Modules +

  • Trusts
  • Multi-let Strategy
  • Private Finance
  • Zoning
  • Refinance