9 Property Investment Strategies

In this short e-book you will learn about 7 different ways to buy property with other people’s money.

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Property requires seed capital, but it doesn’t have to be your own capital. One of the biggest shifts you will need to make is getting comfortable asking and using other people’s money to invest. In this short e-book you will learn about 7 different ways to buy property with other people’s money.

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Multi-let Strategy

Rosettenville Case Study

This is my favourite strategy and where (I believe) the biggest need and therefore biggest opportunity for South African property investing is. +/- 73% (based on a TPN 2018) of South African renters currently spend between R3000 and R7000 per month on rent. Most of the market is looking for low cost, affordable rental housing. The only way you can provide that, while still getting a return, is through multi-lets.

This strategy works well in low income areas like, Berea, Braamfontein, Cosmos City, Rosettenville, Turffontien… as people in this area, want to live there but can’t afford a house on their own. After researching the suburb trends, I decided Rosettenville is my multi-let investment area. I met an estate agent who had 12 blocks of flats on the market. I later discovered all the flats were owned by one man, who was terribly ill and could no longer afford the property. This is known as a distressed seller and is critical to the success of your property business. In property, you make your money when you buy. In order to get a good discount, you need a motivated seller, with a property problem. We can solve that property problem and in return make some money.
Below are the details of a recent multi-let deal.

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This e-book doesn’t contain an exhaustive list of the potential property investment strategies but will share some of the strategies that either I’ve done or coached someone through. I’ve indicated the Risk (Ri) and the Reward (Re) to each strategy.

About the author.

After successfully completing an Honours in Computer Science, Laurens started working for a large IT company in South Africa. After 4 years he was retrenched, and left without savings, without an income, and without hope. He stumbled across a property course that changed his life. Over the past 8 years he has built a successful multi-let portfolio, been involved in over 50 successful property deals and coached thousands of South African's into property investing.


Laurens Boel