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Stop blaming and take responsibility to change

Today I’m calling from George and this is one of those special places for me. The reason it’s so significant is because I had a spiritual awakening here about 5-6 years ago. I was really unhappy – I was at a corporate job,  working 9to5, living for the weekend, selling my pound of flesh and feeling like my work didn’t…

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Get success to follow you

Today I want to talk about getting real with an idea or dream and turning it into a business. I think everyone wants to enjoy their work while making money. Everyone wants to do the things they love and get paid for it. The problem is we don’t do what we love and that’s what we get paid for and…

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Gaining assets and killing liabilities

If I had to propose something to you and said I’m going to give you a liability. I want you to take over my credit card debt but I’m not going to pay you for it. Would you say yes or tell me to go take a hike? Of course, you’d tell me to go take a hike. The thing…

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The best work-life balance

During this holiday I’ve been doing a lot of goal setting. Every morning I’ve been waking up at about 5-6am doing some writing, coming to this kind of location and just reflecting on what I hope the year 2019 will bring. My parents have been asking me why am I getting up every morning at 5-6 in the morning. I…

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