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I am an international property investor, inspirational speaker, published author and owner of 4 businesses.

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I started my professional journey in the corporate space. Armed with a Bsc Computer Science degree from the University of Pretoria, I quickly worked my way in the IT sector and found a passion for teaching and psychology. 4 years into my corporate career, I was retrenched and giving the greatest gift of MY life… the space to follow my passion. Since my retrenchment, I have started 4 successful businesses, invested in rental properties in South Africa and the United Kingdom, written and published 5 books and coached over 100 people into property. If you’re interested in working together more, please have a look at my services or use one of my social media channels below.



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I write books that contain the essentials to taking charge of your emotional, spiritual and financial life. They will give you new insights into those ‘impossible’ situations that cause so much anguish, stress and fear. Using personal anecdotes and practical metaphors, these books easily readable and filled with credible guidance.


Mncedi Maila

Professional property investor

Lauren’s coaching has given my wife and I not only the skills and knowledge we needed to pursue our dreams, but also the courage to overcome our fears. Through his example, we can see that the life we wish to live is not just a pipe dream, but a reality and something that is well within our grasp to achieve. The fears and obstacles that are holding us back are only in our heads and with the right tools, systems, networks and guidance nothing is impossible.

Damian and Talitha

Property investing students

Laurens has the ability not only to inspire and challenge you, but to encourage you when you feel you can no longer move forward. Since meeting Laurens, my life has completely changed. I went from being a corporate (9 – 5) slave to being a full-time property investor and entrepreneur.


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