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Stop blaming and take responsibility to change

Today I’m calling from George and this is one of those special places for me. The reason it’s so significant is because I had a spiritual awakening here about 5-6 years ago. I was really unhappy – I was at a corporate job,  working 9to5, living for the weekend, selling my pound of flesh and feeling like my work didn’t mean anything.

I was just filling in spreadsheets, creating powerpoints, living and making somebody else’s dream come true. While sitting on this deck i came to realise the only person at fault for my life not being where I want it to be was me.

That’s what you’ve got to do sometimes. You’ve got to take personal responsibility that if you’re not happy, it’s your fault. If you are happy it’s also your fault.

When you take personal responsibility you become captain of your ship, author of your story and director of your show. Sometimes we South Africans love to blame. We got this sense of entitlement. We blame our parents, the environment and the government.

Maybe there are reasons for you to blame other people and i get that but blaming other people and telling your mind that there’s nothing wrong with you, what happens then is you don’t change and nothing changes.

If you want to change a life, change you first. once you change yourself everything around you will also change. take back that locus of control. It’s a concept in psychology. people with an external locus of control are those who blame and expect their environment to change. An internal locus of control is someone who says my life is a result of what I do.

Somebody with that belief has a lot more confidence and ability to take charge of their life as opposed to somebody waiting for someone else to change them.

Don’t surrender in silence. Take control and take charge.


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