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Today I want to talk about getting real with an idea or dream and turning it into a business. I think everyone wants to enjoy their work while making money. Everyone wants to do the things they love and get paid for it.

The problem is we don’t do what we love and that’s what we get paid for and then we do what we love and call it a hobby or side passion.

i want to challenge you today to align those two. Start with what you love. For example my friends at Motion Factory Media (the guys who edit these videos) their passion is to travel. That’s what they’re consumed about – the memories, adventures and special moments that only the two of them get to share together. What they’ve done now is create a business around their passion. So they travel to exotic locations, take pictures and videos and use that as marketing material.

They’ve figured out a way to take their passion and turn it into a business. What’s going to happen is once that business starts to take off, then they’ll be doing what they love while being paid for it. That’s going to allow them to keep doing that. It’s like a charity – it works when it’s funded not when it loses its support. So you need to be funded in order to live that passion.

In my case my passion is writing. I’ve written a couple of books and you can go check those out on my website. I’ve now built a business but i would probably be another 5 to 10 years away from where I really want to be. But i’ve gotten to the point where at least 30% of my time I can invest in writing.

I write in the mornings, evenings and i can write fictional or nonfictional or whatever i want to write because i’ve gotten that income stream sorted out.

Finding a passion or work you enjoy doing is going to keep you motivated much longer.

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