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How to empower yourself through others

Probably the most important resource you have in your life is the people you surround yourself with. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying your net worth is directly determined by your network. If you have people around you that have a poor mindset, body and bank account that’s going to reflect in yours.

You can’t change others around you but you can coach, help, engage and hopefully inspire other people around you to become better. The choice is simple right – you’re either going to coach the people in your life to be positive influences in your life or you’re going to walk away and make new friends.

If you’re surrounded by people who are poor in various elements, either you’re going to become poor or you need to change something.

The idea I have for you today is to try enable and empower the people around you to be good influences for you.

For me the greatest saying was from a guy who said to me, here’s the difference between a managing director and finance director:

The FD says to the MD, “what if we put money behind growing the employees and they leave?” The managing director said, “what if we don’t grow them and they stay?”

The MD understands that if you do not enable, empower and grow the people around you it’s going to bring you down.

If the people around you are struggling, first do a gap analysis. Understand what their value should be, where they are now and see what that gap is. Maybe their gap is soft skills, management, conflict resolution, etc.

Once you know the gaps you can plug them with coaching or training. What I love about coaching is that in teaching you learn.

I started getting really good in property investing when I started coaching because I was constantly immersed in property. Now I’ve become very knowledgeable.

In giving you grow so if you want to make your life better, make the people’s lives around you better because they become your life.

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