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3 habits of highly successful people


A high performer is someone that performs at a consistently high level, produces more results, earns more money, chosen as a leader and the person that stands out. It’s the Usain Bolt of running or the Tiger Woods of golf.

They exceed the expectations of everybody around them on a consistent basis. There are three major habits these high performers do on a regular basis.

Firstly they all have a morning routine. It differs from person to person but you need to have something that revitalizes the mind and refreshes the body. Mine are to do meditation and read a book to revitalize my mind. To revitalize my body I take a walk outside or swim. That way I set the day up to win. I also make sure to schedule my most important tasks between 8-10am because that is the time when you are most mentally aware.

Secondly they set goals on a regular basis. My preferred routine is to do a Sunday fun day goal setting session. I spend an hour or two looking at my vision board, constructing my weekly goals then scheduling them into a calendar.

How you do it is up to you but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

The last habit is they take responsibility. They realise every single success is because of them and every failure is also because of them. If you know everything that goes right and wrong is because of you, then you become empowered to change things. People who believe their mom, schools or government is against them create a victim mentality. They become a slave to their environment and get no power from that. A high performer takes personal responsibility for their own life.

I hope you become a high performer and get yourself a morning routine, setting goals on a weekly or daily basis and taking personal responsibility. Once you realise everything is because of you, you’ve taken back the power.

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