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2 ways to overcome your ego

As you know I’ve created this channel to share things like how to be a better human being and because, I’m also dealing with my own stuff. The thing I’m dealing with right now is the ego because I’ve got a 10 year school reunion coming up.

Firstly, it scares me that I’ve been out of school for 10 years. Secondly, I’m going to see people who I haven’t seen in 10 years. Are they further than me or am I further than them? I don’t know if that’s how everybody else feels but that’s how I feel – either compare if I’m good enough or not.

That’s the ego speaking.

The ego is anytime you feel a sense of lack or feel the need to overcompensate. I’m feeling egotistical because I’m probably one of the only guys from my school that is still single. Maybe that’s just a thought but a lot of the people I know are either in a long-term relationship, engaged, married and some even have kids. So my ego is acting up and I was going to go there and tell them I’m doing this and that – all to compensate for the fact that I don’t have a relationship.

The ego is not your image but how you want to be seen by the world. When I realized I’m going to be around people I don’t really care about, I asked if it’s necessary to prove that I am worthy to them?

We all have an ego because we all have a need to feel significant or loved by people. So there are 3 ideas that I have to help you conquer the ego.

  1. Self-awareness

Being able to be aware that it’s your ego speaking and not who you are.

  1. Put into perspective who you’re trying to get significance from.

For example, I’m trying to get significance from people who no longer have relevance in my life.

Make sure it’s based on people who really matter.

Be grateful. Get into gratitude.

The ego is something we have to live with so remember these things to conquer your ego.

Much love,


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