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3 ways to become MORE respected

Being respected is important because with respect comes authority and with authority comes influence. It is then that you can change people’s lives. If you want to be a game changer, you need to be respected because it is much better than being liked.

1. Set very clear boundaries.

Just setting boundaries is not good enough. You’ve got to maintain them. I’ve got a client who is the manager of a small company and she wanted to set some boundaries with her staff. On the outside of her door she put a sign saying ‘do not disturb’ because she was being interrupted on a daily basis with routine, mundane tasks from her employees and this had to stop. It worked for a while but eventually, one or two would go in regardless of the sign. She didn’t chase them away and other people saw this so they thought that boundary hasn’t been stabilized or maintained. They broke the boundary as well and thus she lost her respect. So not only is it about setting boundaries it’s about maintaining it too.

2. Respected people stand up for what’s right not what’s popular.

A friend of mine stood up to his manager because he was mistreating one of the employees. His manager was shouting at this Indian guy who had relocated from India so his English was not that great. He was basically shouting at him in an open plan office. My friend, who obviously respected his manager, knew he had to stand up and say it’s inappropriate to talk to someone like that.

At first his manager was shocked but a few days later he went up to him and thanked him for calling him out on it. All the colleagues around my friend thanked him for that because they all wanted to say it but were scared.

3. Never give a task without you being able to do the task.

Lead by example. So many people who struggle to get leadership authority expect people to do things that they themselves would never do. Start the work and then pass it off to somebody else.

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