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2 life hacks to achieving more

I’ve got two life hacks that are going to completely change the game for you. The first one is a concept I learnt from Timothy Ferris, the author of The 4 hour Work Week.

1. Do tasks better and faster than your colleagues.

The example Timothy uses is he used to work with a sales guy who would phone all the CEOs between 8-5am in the day just like his peers. He never got any calls, sales or meetings because every time he phoned he’d get the receptionist.

The receptionist is basically the gatekeeper to the CEO’s diary and her main task is to say no to every single request and to protect the CEO’s time. Then he tried something different – calling between 7-8am because most CEO’s are in the office by at least 7am. The receptionist only gets in at 8am. So between 7-8am there is no receptionist to block the CEO’s diary. He was able to get hold of more CEO’s than any other person and that resulted in him getting a lot more meetings, building the rapport and thus closing the deal.

He is now the best salesperson in the company. That’s how he was able to save those 8 hours he wasted during the day and effectively use just 2hours to get massive results.

2. Your mental capacity is the most effective in the morning.

I learnt this from Brendon Burchard – probably the best self-development guru I follow on YouTube.

You should be focusing on your critical tasks between 8-10am. If there was one task that could make your day a success, schedule it between 8-10am because that is when your mental capacity is most aware.

If you can get your key critical tasks done, you’ve got the rest of the day to catch up on emails and other stuff. Interestingly he says email is a way for other people to make their tasks urgent to you.

I’m trying to not check emails before 10am so I can push my aspirations forward.

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