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2 ways to negotiate and get what YOU want

Negotiation skills are important in everyday life because whether you’re negotiating with your child to go to bed early or your boss for a pay increase, you need to learn HOW to negotiate.

There are six persuasion techniques but there are two I want to talk about – the first is liking and the second is reciprocity.

1. Liking

People like to do business with people they like. They did a social experiment in the US to see how effective this technique was. They got a bunch of university students to do an online negotiation and had people on either side of the negotiation.

In group A they had people negotiate online but there was no need to build a relationship. They were literally just talking business.

In group B they were told to spend the first 5 minutes getting to know the other person – what do they like, what did they have in common, etc.

Results showed group A negotiated successfully about 55% of the time whereas in Group B, it was 90%. Not only did they get a better negotiation, they were able to close more often than group A.

That tells you that you need to spend the first 5-10 minutes building rapport before negotiation starts.

2. Reciprocity

Basically this means first give before you receive. They did a study with waiters to find out if a waiter giving customers a mint would influence in any way the size of tip they received.

In the first test, they gave one mint per person and that increased the tip rate by 3%. In the second test, waiters gave 2 mints and the tip rate increased by 14%!

The highest percentage increase achieved was when the waiter gave one mint, walked away and came back to give an extra mint because they were pleasant customers. The increased tip rate was 21%!

What that says is it’s not just about what you give, it’s about how you give. You make the person feel special.

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