How to conquer self-limiting beliefs


We all have thoughts – sometimes we think we’re better than others and sometimes we think we’re not. Sometimes we think we’re not good at public speaking but we are.

Thoughts aren’t dangerous. It’s the thoughts we believe that are dangerous.

We’ve all had that ‘I’m going to kill him’ thought but we’ve never believed that thought and thus we’ve never acted on that thought.

Beliefs have consequences. If, for example, you believe you’re inadequate to others you’re not going to put yourself in those situations. If I believe that my glasses make me look nerdy then that belief has got the consequence that I might not approach a pretty girl at a night club. If I see my glasses as my unique selling proposition, then I might have the courage and confidence to approach that beautiful girl.

The great thing about your beliefs is that you choose them. I used to think I’m not a good public speaker and the reason being, I had one bad experience at high school. I was speaking at assembly and after I spoke, one guy I don’t like came up to me and said, “Laurens you embarrassed yourself.”

From that day I conditioned my mind that I was not a good public speaker. The truth was I just didn’t have the skills and knowledge. I then joined Toast Masters, learnt the skills and that’s how I make ninety percent of my living.

This week, my challenge for you is to create two columns and on the left-hand side write ‘self-limiting beliefs’ as the heading. Write down all your self-limiting beliefs because the first step is to acknowledge these beliefs. In the second column I want you to re-write those beliefs. This is for the second step where you choose a belief that empowers you.

Our beliefs are either attracting the things we want or pushing away those things from us. You have to choose and you can change them into ones that are more empowering.

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