Taking risks in life


I’m assuming if you’re watching this you’re searching and hoping to get some answers. The only answer I can give you is if your gut is telling you something even if logic is telling you otherwise, take the leap.

If you’ve watched my story, you know I’ve gone through a lot of hardships with my business and I’ve been retrenched. That was a hard experience but it pushed me to take a chance on myself because since I left varsity I had this aching feeling that I was destined to start my own business. I wanted to be an example to other people that you don’t have to work the corporate life, working for an underpaying and ungrateful boss. When I got that opportunity two and a half years ago it was scary. For a year and half I was feeling frustrated and doubtful? Someone at dinner asked us if we could choose anything in the world, what would our ideal job be? I could only answer ‘to do exactly what I’m doing now.’ It feels good to say that but it’s not easy.

The reward for the risks you take is so worth it. I know that everybody is on a different journey. Some people have responsibilities that limit them from just jumping into their own business. I understand because you may have to work 3-10 years before you see any return.

I’ve been on a 3 week trip between Belgium and Turkey. I’ve been doing some work on my computer and it takes away that aching feeling that tomorrow is Monday. If there’s a voice that tells you you’re destined for more, listen to it. Sure your first attempt might be bad or your parents can’t see it happening for you but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it for yourself. Start slow and be the example to other people.

I hope I can be an example to you while showing I also have frustrations and those feelings are there to give you a signal that you need to take action, trust yourself and make it happen.

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