How to become charming


There are 4 things to becoming charming and liked by people. They are super simple and I’m sure common sense will prevail so I’d like you to go apply these 4 principles. They are used by people who are highly charming, good at business, relationships, sales or whatever it may be. They are only great when they are applied and used.

  1. Smile. a smile with the right amount of eye contact is what invites people to talk to you. Eye contact is difficult because different cultures have different eye contact. In African culture prolonged eye contact is seen as a challenging thing whereas in Western culture it’s a sign of respect. However a smile goes so far because it invites people in. Practice smiling authentically in the mirror and see what invites you most towards yourself.


  1. Bring people in. If you’re talking in a group and you see someone sitting in the corner looking a little left out or uncomfortable, ask them a question. Open your body language. There’s nothing worse than a group completely blocking a person out with their body language. Bringing someone in tells them and everybody else that you are a person who likes to collaborate.


  1. Ask questions and make it about other people. Nobody loves the sound of their own voice more than the person who is speaking. As much as it’s important to share your input with other people, start by asking questions. If you get stuck think what, why, when, where and how. Think those questions you can ask no matter what situation. Whenever you ask questions it shows interest and they’ll feel like you’re genuine.


  1. Make jokes at your own expense. Nobody struggles to laugh with someone who doesn’t struggle to laugh at themselves. If you’re sitting at the table and make a blonde joke, everybody laughs except the blondes because they’re offended. If someone is offended it makes other people uncomfortable. But nothing stops you from making a joke about yourself and it makes other people relax around you.

Keep on growing and changing the game.

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