Fear and forgiveness


I want to talk about children and babies specifically because I think they get life. There’s a quote that says, “The older I get the less I know” because the older we get the more logical and sceptical we become. I wrote this because of my sister’s two baby boys. These babies have serious gifts but the two that all babies have is they don’t fear anything and are able to forgive.

We went to the sea for the first time with them and you’d think crashing waves are scary the first time you experience them, but these kids were just running towards them. My dad and I thought “if only they knew what was out there.”

That’s how adults think.

Adults create these fears of things that aren’t even there. We’re only born with two fears – the fear of heights and loud sounds. Everything else is manufactured.

Children don’t have the fear of anything and sometimes that’s a bad thing. Fear of fire is good but as adults we’ve created unnecessary fears and have caged ourselves out of fear of just trying.

If you try something and experience pain, then maybe you can fear it but don’t fear something you’ve never tried. Don’t be too logical, analytical or listen to too many people around you. Having childlike curiosity can change fear for you.

The second is forgiveness. Maybe it’s a memory thing because they are too young to remember, but isn’t that a beautiful thing?

How many people do you still hold a grudge with and have so much resentment towards that it makes you sick inside? It’s something I struggle with but I realise letting go like a child would make my life so much easier.

Children aren’t limited by fears, self-doubt or insecurities. I know that these things are the scars we wear from life experience and that’s important because they’ve taught us about life. I’m just saying perhaps there’s a better way.

If you’re not happy with your life, be a little more curious. Let go so you don’t have to feel the pain anymore.

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