The 2 questions to conquer FEAR


There’s so many things we all want to do –so many adventures, people to meet and things we want to achieve. The thing that holds us back is the fear. I want to give you two questions to help you conquer the fear:

  1. What’s the worst that could go wrong? What’s the worst case scenario? Paint that picture because you’re going to realise it’s not as bad as you thought and you can always find a solution around it to get back.
  2. What could go right? So many people are stuck in the ‘what could go wrong’ and the seriousness of the pain they could feel that they forget about the pleasure they could feel. They forget about what could go right and the joy they’d get by taking that step toward what they’ve always wanted to do.

I share these thoughts with you because they also help me address the challenges I face in my own life. The biggest decision I’ve had to make so far is do I start to travel a bit more? Maybe relocate to Europe for 6 months? I’m in quite a privileged position in that my business is online so I can do it but the decision to step out of my comfort zone in South Africa scares me. I’ve had to ask these 2 questions.

Worst case is my business goes broke, I ask my parents for a ticket to fly back home and find a new job. What could go right is I meet new people, learn new cultures and perhaps my business could become a global business instead of just a local business.

There’s so many things that could go right that it’s worth the one or two things that can go wrong. I’m sure there’s something you’ve been wanting to do that you’re fearing could go wrong. I’m asking you to also ask what could go right and isn’t the reward worth what could go wrong? I hope you make the right decision and step out of fear and into action.

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