How to stand out and reach your next level of success


A lot of people have been asking me, “How can we get to that next level of success?” Whatever it is you want to excel at – the best spouse, cook or entrepreneur – you need to have a USP: a unique selling proposition. It’s something to make you stand out. I love using Usain Bolt as an example because he has an ability to bring out his own flair and he just has this attraction towards him because he has this uniqueness. What makes you unique?

Who was the first human being to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean? You probably couldn’t tell me who the second person was. Could you tell me who the first woman was to fly solo over the Atlantic in an airplane? Amelia Earhart, because she’s branded herself as the first women to complete the feat, even though she was the third human being to complete it. She wouldn’t have stood out amongst the crowd. She would’ve been just another number. Who remembers the person who comes third in anything?

It was probably the media that branded her that way but it’s such an important task where it’s media over stimulation. You need to figure out ways you can stand out and people will quickly see your value. A personal example is, I’m a life coach and it’s an incredibly saturated market. My age always held me back because I was one of the youngest people doing this. I always wondered what kind of executive would listen to my advice. That difference has been turned into a unique strength because I now brand myself as one of the youngest coaches in South Africa. I’m not going to bring the normal management approach. I’m going to come with unique ways to engage your employees and since I’m a millennial myself, I can help them with their millennial staff.

So what’s your Amelia Earhart thing in life? What is it in your business or life that’s going to make you stand out like nobody else so that you can reach your next level of success?

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