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I had just gone for a swim in Durban’s Indian ocean when I noticed a group of about 30-40 people, aged around 16-24. I don’t always understand religion but what they did really touched me. They broke into small groups of 5, went to the water, shared a prayer and when the one person was prayed for they switched. There was this cheering every time someone was prayed for and you could tell that this person felt so loved and supported.

I don’t always agree with the rules around religion but the community that it provides made me realize how important people can be in your life. My message today is quite a serious one because I want you to know that if you’re feeling alone, then that’s okay. What’s important to remember is that you’re never alone.

I feel this often because I travel for work alone and wish I could find someone to travel with or had people to support me. It’s amazing how people you care about come through for you. I told a friend of mine how I felt and he said he never realized I felt that way. He started getting me involved in his activities and although he was a great friend before, when he knew what I was going through he brought me closer. That’s what asking for help can do.

In our culture where men can’t ask for help or be seen as weak, I think there’s a lot of strength in asking for help.

If you are feeling lonely then that’s your emotions telling you that you feel disconnected from people. The simple solution is to connect with people! Send a WhatsApp, join a club, spend time with family and also make some new friendships. My traveling gives me an opportunity to meet someone who’s also in this line of work and may have my interests.

It’s important to put yourself out there. I know what feeling lonely feels like and it’s a terrible feeling. Use it as an opportunity to connect and reconnect because you deserve to feel supported.

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