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I know I bring this up in a lot of my videos but if you can really figure this part of your life out, your life will take on a whole new meaning. That thing is appreciation.

If you can appreciate what you have you become the richest person in the world. When you can’t or don’t you become poor in every sense of your life. I have a friend that I care about but there are times when I just ignore her phone calls because all she ever talks about is how shitty her life is.

She actually phoned me a couple of weeks ago to talk about how her boyfriend never cooks for her. She said, “Laurens he cooked for me last night but it was our anniversary night. He took away the chance for me to cook for him!” I thought but when does she get to enjoy life if all she ever looks for is what could go wrong? How can you enjoy life if everything you look for needs to be changed or improved in order for you to be happy?

I know because I experience this as well. It’s a daily fight to get your mindset right and look at what you do have. As the law of attraction goes, if you feel lack you attract it. If you feel abundance you will attract abundance. That’s what appreciation is – abundance.

When you do find yourself going into that lack state of mind, look around and ask yourself, “What am I appreciative of here?” I know no one who is more unhappy than my friend because all she does is complain. If you keep looking at your life and saying it’s shit then it’s going to stay shit. I’m not saying you have to sugar-coat things. What I am saying is rather get stuck in appreciation and complain when needed.

This week, challenge yourself not to complain once for the next 24hours. Try catch yourself every time you complain and you’ll be amazed. If you can get addicted to appreciation like that, watch your life change.

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