How to Conquer Doubt and Worry


We’ve come back from the UK where we’ve put together an offer for a property investment and it’s quite a big deal. I’m feeling a bit nervous, worried and doubtful so I decided to share my thoughts on this thing called worry.

Worry is something that can be very helpful, like a couple of weeks before your tax returns are meant to be in. It’s good to feel worried because worry tells you to prepare. If you’re in a dangerous part of town, worrying is good because you’re on high alert.

When not used correctly, worrying can be lethal. It can bring doubt and insecurities, so I think we have to put worry with context. It’s good to worry, but is worrying serving you in the situation?

I love the story about Mayweather when he was about to fight Marques. Two/three hours before the fight Triple H, a well-known wrestler, came in to Floyd’s room to quickly greet him before the fight. He walked in and saw Floyd watching a game of basketball. Triple H was hasty, anxious and didn’t want to interrupt his space but Floyd insisted he come in and watch the game with him.

Floyd said “Just relax.” Eventually Triple H asked him if he wasn’t nervous and Floyd said, “I’ve been preparing for the last 10-15 years for this fight. There’s nothing I’m going to do in the next 2hours that’s going to make any significant improvement. I’m either ready for the fight or I’m not. The next 2 hours really aren’t going to change much.”

I think what he’s done there is contextualize his worry. He could have psyched himself out but that wouldn’t have prepared him any better.

Regarding this deal, my worry isn’t being contextualized correctly because the worst thing they could say is no to my offer and we move on and find another deal.

Look at what you worry about and ask if it’s serving you or not. In the right context it can be empowering. In the wrong context it’s lethal, disruptive and builds insecurities that you don’t need.

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