Understanding millennials in the context of all the generations


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I had the pleasure of speaking at a coaching conference around the impact of millennials in the workforce… and what an amazing opportunity it was to share my insights and also to get valuable feedback from all the delegates at the event.

In this week’s video, I’ll be sharing the differences in all the generations from pre-maturists through to Zennials and how each generation is unique.

Sometimes we like to box generation into categories and although there are certain commonalities and stereotypes to each generation, we must be conscious not to box them too much. The problem with our current view of millennials is that we believe they are broken, lazy and unfit for the corporate system. And, although this may be true (using my personal story as a reference), this kind of stereotype can negatively affect the generation from engaging in your business. We have to realize that each generation brings about a change to the system… it’s not like millennials are the first generation to rock the boat. Every generation has done so – and sometimes it’s a negative influence and sometimes it’s a positive influence.

To conclude, it’s about understanding what the strengths that each generation brings (so we can play to that) and also what the weaknesses of each generation is (so we can up-skill them).

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