Being your own Cheerleader


Today I want to talk to you about a serious topic and that is being your own cheerleader. Sometimes the only good things you’re going to hear about yourself are things you say to you. We can’t expect other people to be our cheerleaders, to believe in us or empower us. Maybe they will but we can’t expect that or rely on it.

If our success relies on other people building us up, then our lotus of control is outward. That means somebody else controls our destiny and you’ve got to take that back.

One of the ways I build myself up is connecting with nature. Although I’m out here in Durban doing some work I always find time to be outside in nature, enjoying the beauty we have around us.

What is that time away that’s going to build you up and encourage you? Maybe it’s spending time with good friends, going to watch a movie, traveling, photography or music. What is that one thing that, during the day when you’re feeling demotivated, like things aren’t working out and you’re losing your belief in yourself, that you use to cheer and pump yourself up?

What is that thing that’s going to remind you why you’re doing this?

You have to have the self-awareness to understand what are your motivators and drivers so that you can pull them when you need to. If we rely on our friends, parents or spouses to motivate and believe in us then our ability to control our lives is given to somebody else. And until we can take that control back we might be slaves, surrendering in silence hoping that somebody outside of us will push us in the right direction.

I say no because that can be done by being your own best cheerleader. If you can love and encourage yourself then you always have somebody backing you. Yes your friends and family will always support you but don’t overly rely on that.  Be your own best motivator.

Keep on changing the game.

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