Observing the Signs Around Us


Sometimes we forget to hear the messages that the universe is giving us. When something irritates you about somebody, that’s the perfect time to reflect and ask what it is in yourself that’s irritating.

Relationships and people around us are just mirrors. If something irritates you about somebody else, it’s usually something you need to reflect on in yourself.

There’s an individual who grates my cheese because I feel they are unhealthily competitive. Often their ego is based on how well they did in comparison to the people around them and it frustrates me. For so long I’ve been angry and resentful towards them but that’s taken the control out of myself.

If I sit back and reflect on how competition affects me, I can take control and resolve the issue I have in the relationship. I realized I have an unhealthy association towards competition and I’m just projecting it onto this individual. I can’t change them or anybody around me but I can change myself to have a healthier relationship with competition.

Build your self-awareness and self-control by taking away the lotus of control and putting it on yourself. That’s the great thing about relationships – they can bring self-awareness. What’s so empowering for me now is that I’m no longer looking at the person and saying they are the problem. Now I’m saying I need to do some self-awareness and self-development.

Once you get a healthy and comfortable association with competition then no one around you should be able to affect you. It’s actually my self-esteem which depends on my ability to be better than other people.

The message I’m trying to get across is that often times we get angry with people and don’t use that opportunity to learn about ourselves. People around us are just mirrors. If someone around you is just jealous, nasty or competitive and it irritates you, think about what it’s telling you about yourself.

What is it that you are not happy about within yourself? Once you can resolve that within yourself that person can no longer bring you negative energy.

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