Taking Life for Granted


It’s so easy to look at where you’re missing out on life – to look at what you’ve done wrong, what you’re lacking or what you don’t have.

What we forget to acknowledge is that we won the lottery by being alive. If you think about the chances of you coming out as individualistic and unique as you are then you’ve won the lottery.

What really makes it real for me is my cousin in Belgium, David. He lost the ability to use his body from the neck down 5 years ago after being in an accident. That visual reminder of seeing him use a controller on his wheelchair to move it, that he is so restricted, makes me think to myself how could I be anything but grateful?

Motivation is a constant battle. It’s like bathing – you have to do it every day. Changing your mindset and being grateful has to be done every day because it’s so easy to say ‘if I just had that I’d be happy.’

I went to Sun City with my best friends to do a talk. Something we’d been dreaming about for years is to be able to work and travel together. I remember sitting in the car (it was a 2 hour drive) and while we were chatting I spent about 45 minutes stressing about the speech I was going to give. For those 45 minutes I missed out on the opportunity to enjoy what I’d been working towards for the past 3-4 years.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the lack in your life. You might not believe in the law of attraction but I believe it’s there. If you see, feel and focus on lack then you’re bringing that into your life. If you’re focusing on gratitude, love and abundance you’re bringing that into your life.

Challenge yourself this week to apply gratitude daily and it will make a fundamental change to your life. Start with the small and simple things, then start to be grateful for the people around you and material possessions.

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