Don’t Let Your PAST Affect Your PRESENT


I’ve been in Thailand for a few weeks visiting my sister who moved here 3 years ago with her husband.

While talking to her I asked her how long it took her to adapt to Thailand because it’s completely different to South Africa. It’s a different atmosphere, language, culture, climate, people and adapting to this amount of difference would take some time.

She said it took her over a year because she kept trying to find South Africa within Thailand. She kept comparing the two and trying to find what she loved about South Africa in Thailand. She tried to find the friends, activities and experiences that she loved in South Africa but she kept getting frustrated. Her expectations were one thing but the reality was different so she kept getting disappointed.

As she kept trying to find South Africa in Thailand she missed what Thailand has to offer. If you can embrace Thailand’s culture you’ll realize that it’s got its own beauty to give and share.

It made me realize how sometimes we can try to look at the present moment and try to compare it to our past experiences. For example if you’ve found a new partner and you start trying to find your ex within them, that’s not fair. For one, you’re going to get disappointed because your expectation and reality are not the same. Two, you don’t get to experience the unique beauty that this new person has to bring to the table. It’s just like the South Africa vs Thailand situation – you miss what it has to offer.

That’s quite prevalent for me. To try enjoy the present moment whether it’s a new experience, friendship or hobby for what it could bring instead of comparing it to something that happened in the past. If not that expectation is going to be mismanaged or disappointed and you don’t get to experience what that person brings as a unique part in your life.

This week, look at your present moment for what it could bring and not comparing it to your past.

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