4 Steps to Overcoming ANY Mistake


In most cases mistakes are something that hinder us when actually they should be propelling us forward. We have the mindset that we can’t make mistakes, as though if we make mistakes we’re bad, evil or broken.

That is not at all the case.

All that a mistake brings is feedback from the universe saying change your approach.

If you can heed the message and say “what can I learn from this? How can I grow from this?” you can turn your mistakes into something that push you forward instead of holding you back.

I’ve got four steps that I’d like to share with you that I run through when I make a mistake:

  1. Feel the emotion. This is the most important step. So often we try to repress and bury that emotion because we don’t want to deal with it. Often times when I speak to people about a mistake they say “Laurens it’s okay don’t beat yourself up.” But sometimes you need to step into those emotions and ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” Now I’m not saying sit there and beat yourself up but rather ask, “What emotion is this?”


Is it guilt? Which means I’ve gone against one of my own standards.

Is it fear? Meaning you have to prepare for something.

Is it hurt? Meaning you had an expectation but it wasn’t met.


You have to understand the emotion to feel it and be able to let it go.


  1. Feel appreciative and excited. I get excited when I make a mistake, although not initially. I realise there’s an area I’m growing in. When you feel that appreciation that is when you can move into something that moves you forward. Get excited that there is feedback that opens potential growth opportunities for you.


  1. Fix it. Make an effort to fix it and the feelings of mistakes will go away.


  1. Put some rules, tools or habits in place to make sure you don’t repeat that mistake.

Making mistakes is part of the journey. Don’t live in the pain or regretful feelings.

Much love,


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