How to Tackle Difficult Situations


I can happily say we arrived safely in Thailand. It was an incredibly difficult trip – we flew in with my sister and her 5 month old twin babies and it ended being a 24 hour trip. When you’re working with 5month old babies they sleep, eat and need to be entertained for the full 24 hours. I knew it would be hard but I didn’t realise it would be that hard!

When we got to our layover in Dubai I was so excited to just relax, until the babies started acting up. I was already exhausted and my sister just came in super calm, patient and compassionate. She took one baby, calmed him down and then the other one. I’m so grateful she was there because I wasn’t in the right headspace to deal with that.

While I was watching her come with this energy of love I was reminded of a quote by Martin Luther King that says, “Darkness cannot be overcome with more darkness. Only light can do that. Anger and hatred cannot be overcome with more anger and hatred. Only love can do that.”

As hard as it is, sometimes we have to tackle problems with a different energy or thinking than what caused those problems. For example if your spouse comes home frustrated because of work or something that’s not going right in their lives, you must then come with love, compassion, patience and positivity. As soon as you go into that negative energy embracing love and warmth you’re going to encourage and bring people closer to you.

It was a great reminder that if you’re coming in with love and warmth, no matter who you’re approaching or what obstacle you’re facing, you’ll be able to get through with it.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, remember that darkness cannot be overcome with more darkness. Only light can do that. Hatred cannot be overcome with more hatred.

Embrace all your challenges, obstacles, relationships and everything you do in your life with love and warmth and watch how you change the game.

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