How to Overcome the 3 Emotions Holding You Back

What I want to talk to you about today is emotional intelligence because our emotional zone will directly affect our financial zone.

I’ve heard of people who have won the lottery and lost it within 4 years because they do not have emotional intelligence. They got so excited and happy when they got the money that they spent it on things that didn’t matter.

For example, there’s a guy who won R20million lottery in Boksburg, South Africa, but within 4 years he had zero in his account and he was dead. One of the first things he did was buy a truck full of alcohol and he was just giving free alcohol to people.

I’m not saying when you win a lot of money you shouldn’t share it with people.

First get emotional intelligence, then get financial intelligence and then get financially free.

Let’s look at the 3 emotions that tend to hold people back the most:

  • Fear.

Things like stress, worry, frustration and feeling scared. This feeling is an action signal telling you that you need to prepare for something. It’s a healthy emotion when you listen to what it has to say and let it guide you to preparing.

  • Hurt.

Hurt’s action signal tells us that what you expected and what actually happened were not aligned. So you start to feel loss or pain. When you feel hurt change the way you communicate expectations and be clearer or change your expectations because maybe you’re being unrealistic.

  • Guilt.

Guilt is telling us that we have a standard for ourselves that we haven’t met. It says we’ve abused our own standard. Change your behavior to make sure it align to your standards.

All that emotions are is action signals and when you heed the message, that emotion dissipates.

Emotions predicate financial freedom. Emotional freedom comes first then financial freedom.

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