2 Lessons for Fulfillment


I’ve added another step to my morning routine and that’s to come outside and just keep quiet.

While I was outside I came across a bird sanctuary and got quite inspired while bird watching.

These birds just never seem depressed, stressed or overwhelmed. They’re focused on one thing – being a bird – they don’t worry about what other birds think.

I think those are two lessons we should adopt.

Will Smith said, “Don’t chase people or admiration. Do what you love to the best of your ability and the right people will come and stay.”

In my mind that means when you do what you love with full passion, the experiences and material wealth will come into your life naturally.

That’s what I love about the birds. They don’t seem to want things. They get what they need.

Focus on your passion and live it.

Secondly, they don’t care what other birds think. I can’t say I don’t care what other people think. I still care very much and I focus consciously every day not to. It’s natural to care when someone says something you don’t like. However, unlike birds, we have to consciously fight that.

When we’re worried about other people buying into us, we’re losing track of that one thing we need to focus on.

Les Brown says so many people are unsuccessful because they get side-tracked by secondary activities.

What are those secondary activities that are holding you back from that one thing that’s going to make you happy?

Once you can figure out that a secondary activity is not worth your time, your energy, your love or your patience, you can let it go.

We need to be more like birds – spread our wings without inhibition.

I know it’s easier said than done but so long as you’re consciously fighting that battle every day I think that’s a battle worth fighting.

With financial freedom you never have to work a day in your life. Physical freedom allows you to travel. But true freedom is emotional freedom – being able to live without caring what other people think.

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