Change your Story with Self-Awareness


Self-awareness sounds like it’s this airy, fairy thing but I can tell you now that when you master your self-awareness you can change your life.

We’re governed by stories that we tell ourselves. Now people around us can influence our story, but ultimately it’s the story that we buy into and believe in that affects us.

When we wake up it’s not people we hear. It’s our thoughts and stories that we tell ourselves.

One of the stories I was subconsciously telling myself was that I was too young in my industry to be taken seriously.

I started a psychology business about two years ago where the aim is to coach executives on how to deal with people and coach teams on how to be high-performing.

I thought to myself, “What executive with 30+ years of experience would listen to me? What value could I give someone at that level? Why would someone listen to me when I tried the corporate world and was retrenched?”

That was one of the biggest stories holding me back from trying to make this business a success.

After speaking to one of my coaches he said to me, “Laurens let’s take your weakness and make it your biggest strength and your unique selling proposition.”

The majority of the people in this industry are 40+. They are taking their experience and selling it back to companies. Brilliant strategy. Trouble is they’re taking content that’s been done in all the management and leadership books.

Since I don’t have that legacy what I bring to a company is fresh, unique thinking. Where they rely on past experience, I rely on innovative thinking of the future.

Now when I go sell myself, my biggest strength and unfair advantage is that I’m young. I bring a new perspective that none of their competitors are doing.

My youth hasn’t changed. The only thing that changed is the story I told myself about what it means.

What story are you using that’s holding you back?

How can you bring that story back so that it empowers you?

Keep on changing the game.

Much love,


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