The Power of Decisions


Often time’s people think it’s the big decisions that lead to big results.

It’s the inconsequential decisions done right on a daily basis that change your life.

You don’t become unhealthy from eating a burger once a week.

It’s those daily rituals that, small as they may be, lead you to the results in your life.

The compound effect is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Essentially, it means as time goes there’s exponential growth.

I’m quite a keen golf player and my dad and I sometimes play quite competitively. We’ll usually use a little bit of money on every hole.

One day he said, “The first hole we play for 10 cents. The second hole we double and so on.”

Ten cents? I recommended we at least play for R10.

He said, “No just trust me. We’re going to double it every hole.”

Can you guess how much the 18th hole was worth?

After 5 holes we were at R1.60 per hole.

Six holes is R3.20. The 9th hole was about R30.

As we kept doubling, the 18th hole worked out to about R13 000!

That’s the power of the compound effect.

In the beginning there’s slow growth.

As you get to the last three holes you’re exponentially growing.

That’s why every small decision should be treated as a big decision.

When you have to decide between watching a series and reading a book, read the book.

As small as that decision might seem, reading the book is going to compound you to be better off at a later stage.

It’s the small daily decisions where we get to command what our future is going to look like.

The 5-second technique is an amazing technique for making decisions.

It suggests that in 5 seconds you can make a decision.

5 seconds is all it takes to change the course of your path.

In those 5 seconds, ask yourself, what’s the best decision for my future?

It’s those daily, inconsequential decisions that can truly change the game.

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