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So many people come up to me and always tell me what they want to be.

I want to be financially free.

I want to be a property investor.

I want to be a business owner.

However how they act and what they want are not aligned.

Wanting to be something is not good enough. You’ve got to have the daily disciplines and sacrifices.

People are rewarded in public for the hours they sacrifice in private.

Instead of wanting to be a business owner, set aside 6 months of savings and make a 6 month roadmap to plan your exit out of corporate.

Set a date and start building that income stream.

Start acting instead of just wanting.

The law of attraction has become so misconstrued that people think it’s enough to just sit there and things will come into their life.

The law of attraction is powerful when you keep your focus on where you want to go. If there’s no action underpinning it then you’re going nowhere slowly.

There’s one thing consistent among all the successful people I’ve met – they’re not afraid of hard work. They understand that you have to sacrifice and act on a daily, ritual basis.

JK Rowling was rejected by 17 publishers before she was accepted by one.

Could you keep going daily after hearing no five times? How about 10?

When you are successful with something it’s because you’ve done something every day.

Do that for your dreams and goals too.

When you have the integrity to say what you want and act towards it, you’ll build confidence within yourself.

That’s a great place to be in.

As your confidence grows your goals will grow.

But it starts with action.

Please don’t just rely on the law of attraction – go out and hunt for what you want!

A shark doesn’t go around saying it’s a shark. It goes around being a shark, killing and owning the ocean because that’s what it does.

Be that courageous person that took a chance on their dreams because you deserve that.

Keep on changing the game.

Much love,


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