Take a Risk on Your Dreams


About four years ago I was sitting in a Rich Dad event listening to a speaker talk about the opportunities in property, specifically in South Africa and the UK. When I sat there, something in me said, “This is right.”

I had to take a chance but I was scared.

It’s scary to go into property.

In fact it’s risky to take a chance on your dreams.

Everyone has that little voice that says “I must do something.” I know it’s scary but we have to listen to it.

When the speaker gave me an opportunity to invest further in myself and education, I remember all this fear and doubt coming up and saying, “Laurens why would you be successful? It’s crazy to think you can do that.”

Those are the thoughts we have in our minds when we’re about to take a step into the unknown.

However without taking a step into the unknown we’ll never know what could happen.

Fast forward four years later and I’m standing in front of people at the same event sharing my success story of following the program, investing in myself and in property on a regular basis.

You’ll never know what will happen if you don’t take a chance on that dream. Whether it’s writing a book, starting a business or starting a blog so you can travel the world while doing what you love. Whatever it is, take a risk on it. It might not work out but at least you will get to the end of your life knowing you tried.

The richest place in the world is the graveyard because that’s where everybody goes with their dreams to die. So many books are unwritten. So many inventions are uncreated because people take them to their grave.

This week, when you hear that voice that says “I’ve got to try”, give it your absolute best.

Keep on changing the game.

Much love,


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