Number ONE Key to Unlimited SUCCESS


Yesterday while finishing another seminar about financial freedom through property investing, a gentleman stood up and asked, “Laurens what is the number one factor that has been influential in your success?”

It kind of caught me off-guard because there are a lot of things that come to mind. Reading regularly, meditation, getting mentorship, constant self-development and doing due diligence.

There are lots of reasons why people are successful.

I would say that for me it’s because I’ve surrounded myself with the right people.

Many people don’t know that Jay-Z is Rihanna’s business coach. But do you know who Jay-Z’s business coach is? Warren Buffet!

What Jay-Z understands is that you don’t take advice from a bald man on how to grow hair. He doesn’t take advice from someone who’s not living how to get there.

He’s surrounding himself with people who’ve done what he wants to do.

Jay-Z has probably reduced his friendship circle and increased his wealth because when you’re around the wrong people they bring you down.

When I was in corporate, I told my work friend that I wanted to write a book and he said “Laurens you’re not good enough for that.” Six months later I came back with my first book and he said “Writing a book’s not that hard.”

You cannot win with this kind of person because they’ll find negativity in everything you do. Every time you achieve something great, they get reminded they’re not doing enough with their life.

These are the kinds of people you don’t want to be around. The 5% of the population has 95% of the wealth because they think and act differently.

This week, look at the people you are surrounding yourself with.

Ask yourself:

Are these the best people I should be around?

Am I surrounded by people who are going to help me get financially free?

Are these people building me up or bringing me down?

When your circle gets smaller your vision will get clearer, your profits get bigger and you will be happier.

Keep on changing the game.

Much love,


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