Where Your Energy Goes, Success Flows


I was speaking to a German on the Germany leg of my European tour and I asked him, “How is it that Germany is known for its precision? How are you guys so good at getting things right?”

He said, “It’s because we know how to focus and what to focus on.”

It made me realise that where our focus goes, our energy flows and so our success will show.

We all know those people who only ever talk about the negativity in their life. They’re constantly in lack because that’s where their focus is.

What are you focusing on?

Are you focusing on things that are building you up or bringing you down?

I was thinking about my ex-girlfriend the other day after something reminded me of her and it really knocked me down. I wondered where she was, how she was doing and it ended up ruining my whole day.

My friend could tell I was down and when she asked I told her I was missing my ex.

She said, “Laurens what’s wrong with you? Look where you are right now. You’re getting to travel the world, seeing new cultures and having new experiences. How can you be focused on a relationship that ended over a year ago?”

My focus was on the past, I had turned a mole hill into a mountain.

So I think focus is the problem a lot of people are facing.

Where our focus goes, our energy flows and our success will manifest.

Life is hard enough without us having to beat ourselves up.

If I rather focused on the thousands of blessings I have, that’s the energy that’ll bring better things into my life.

It’s the law of attraction. What you give out you get back in return.

The power of focus will attract what you give out. If you focus on the wrong things it’s going to bring resentment, anger and make you feel unhappy.

So this week, focus on the great things in your life because you are blessed and loved.

Keep on changing the game.

Much love,


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