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Today I’ve got a guest, Judith, who I met here in Croatia. She’s 20 years old and travelling on her own.

Laurens: “So, being an independent girl, what would you say to someone striving to be more independent?”

Judith: “It’s important to know who you are. You can’t be independent if you don’t know that. You can only find that out by being alone.”

Laurens: “I’m also travelling alone and I got lost a couple of times yesterday. But in losing yourself, you find yourself too hey?”

Judith: “Yeah… You always depend on someone when you’re not alone. You have someone who makes decisions for you. When you’re alone, you have to learn to do that by yourself.”

Laurens: “And that’s the only way you’re really going to learn how to trust yourself, by making a few decisions and making a few mistakes.”

Judith: “Yeah, there are no bad mistakes. The only thing is you should learn from them. You shouldn’t make the same mistake twice, or three times.”

Laurens: “So yesterday you and I met at a pub crawl. What were you feeling going into that unknown space? Did you realize it’s not as scary as you might have thought?”

Judith: “Yeah… I once read an article where the woman said before she makes a decision, she asks herself, what is the worst case scenario? If the worst case scenario isn’t scary, the challenge isn’t scary.”

Laurens: “Yeah… because nine times out of ten you never get the worst case.”

Judith: “Yeah… Independence is always scary. It’s always scary to get out of your comfort zone but it gets better.”

Laurens: “The people reading this are likely going through some kind of challenge. What advice would you want to give them to overcome fear?”

Judith: “Ask yourself what the worst case scenario is and if you can live with that, then just do it.”

So guys that’s Judith, she’s been really fun to get to know. If you want to get in touch with her then send me a message at [email protected].

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