Taking Back Control of Your Life


How can we stop letting what happens outside of us, from infecting our internal side?

Maybe someone you like has been cold to you, or your boss said something that’s just killed your confidence.

Today I want to give you 3 tips on how you can build internal resilience so that when things happen outside of your control, they don’t affect you as much.

  1. Have positive self-talk. I think negative conditioning starts at school and then works its way into work. When I worked in corporate for 2 years, not once do I  recall being told I did really well. However every time I made a mistake I was called into HR’s office and was told all this negative ‘constructive’ feedback. You have to come up with positive self-talk because sometimes we have to be our own best cheerleaders.


  1. Put bad experiences into perspective. One morning I wanted to run but the sky was grey. Sure, it’s not great to run in cold weather but then I thought about my cousin in Belgium who is in a wheelchair. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like because he’ll never be able to run. Why wouldn’t I want to run? Just because there’s a little grey in the sky? I shrunk the problem and reminded myself I’m healthy and have the ability to run so let me just do it.


  1. Live with consciousness. Five years ago I made a conscious decision not to watch the news and I think that’s what has aided my success. If you watch the news, South Africa is one of the worst economical places to create a business or invest. It’s 2 years later and my business is going well. I believe it’s because I have a more realistic view of the economy because I’m not conditioned by the hyped up negativity of the news.


This week be conscious of what you say, who you’re around and what you’re watching because you are a product of your environment.

Keep on changing the game.

Much love,


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