It Will Never Be the Right Time


As I’m travelling and talking to people, the biggest excuse I hear from people is that it’s not the right time. It’s as if there’s going to be some magical moment when all their ducks are in a row and that’ll be the time to make a decision.

I hate to burst your bubble but it doesn’t happen that way.

I was at a park recently and was watching these ducks just to see if this concept of ‘ducks in a row’ ever manifests itself in reality. To my amazement these ducks eventually got in a row, but within 3 seconds they scattered because somebody threw a piece of bread.

Life is similar. You’ll wait for your ducks to be in a row but life will throw them out the window quickly.

The time is now to do what you say you’re going to do because we really don’t know how much time we have left. If you had three months to live, would you be doing what you’re doing and surrounded by the people you are now?

I had a lot of questions before deciding to travel Europe. Is it the right time? Can I afford it? Can my business continue on its own?  It’s actually a friend of mine that helped me decide because he asked me to join him. Maybe it’s because I really trust him and value his friendship. The first 2 weeks were rough because I had to figure out how my business would continue but it’s been a month and I feel like I have good systems in place.

What I have learnt is that sometimes you can only figure it out when you are in the game of life.

I could have sat in South Africa for months planning the perfect trip, but I wouldn’t really know what’s required.

It comes down to trusting yourself and believing that you will survive. People have an amazing capacity to find a way to figure things out out when they take a chance on themselves.

Keep on changing the game.

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