You are Blessed and Highly Favoured


I’m on the last day of my Belgium adventure and what’s made this trip so amazing is that I got to see a special cousin of mine, David. About six years ago David got paralyzed from the neck down because a tree fell on him during an intense storm. This is the guy who played six sports, piano, loved cycling and was an Iron Man of Belgium. He was just that kind of active being and it happened to the worst person.

Spending time with him changed my perspective in such a big way.

He’s excited about a new technology that’ll let him stand up, even though it’s just for one hour a week. He says it’s one of the best feelings he’s had in the 6 years he’s been in a wheelchair. That made me wonder – what if we had gratitude for the little things?

So many times when I do talks, people ask me “how can I be happier?” They’re in pursuit of happiness and we all want that.

The problem for most of us, myself included, is that we keep chasing without appreciating. We say:

“If I make R100 000 then I’ll be happy.”

“If I date that person then I’ll be happy.”

“If I get that house then I’ll be happy.”

We might not have everything we want right now but we are blessed and highly favoured.

When I asked David what he would tell himself if he had known he would be in this situation and he said, “Laurens, I’d appreciate the simple things in life. I’d appreciate the fact that I could walk, stand, I could ride a bike.”

So if you are feeling like your life is not where you want it to be that’s fine, just don’t forget to appreciate the little things.

I want to challenge you to have appreciation and gratitude for everything that you have. That’s what David did for me and I want that for you too, but happiness is a choice. Let’s all make that choice and keep on changing the game.

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