How to use your drive for greatness


If there’s one thing that can help us overcome and achieve what we thought was impossible, it’s drive. When you have the drive and motivation to do something, very few people can stop you.

There’s two types of drive that affect every person.

  1. The drive to avoid pain.
  2. The drive to attain pleasure.

We all want to drive towards pleasures that enhance our lives and drive away from things that cause us pain. We can use both drive states to achieve more.

I want to start travelling more and experiencing more exotic locations. In order to do that I need to free up my time, so I’ve come up with a plan to systemize and automate my business online. That way, I can travel and do my work. I’m using pain and pleasure to motivate myself through the challenge.

I’ve booked myself a plane to Belgium in three months’ time, which is when I want to achieve my goal. If I achieve my goal, I’ll extend my trip further into Europe. If I don’t then I’m only going to stay in Belgium for two weeks and come back. So the trip is the pleasure that motivates me to attain my goal.

Going overseas also gives me the chance to trial my systems to see if I can sustain travelling and working for a long period of time. If I don’t attain my goal I’m going to feel the pain of not going to explore those places.

Thirdly, telling you guys holds me accountable to my goal.

So use your emotions to get where you want to be. Fear, anger, frustration can be very powerful if channelled right. Find something that has a lot of emotion for you. If things are just okay or not that bad, you’re not going to be driven to change.

Use those powerful emotions, whether pain or pleasure, and channel them to drive change in your life. Secondly, find the right mix of pain and pleasure to those goals that’ll hold you accountable. Thirdly, commit to other people.

Keep on changing the game.

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