If you know your WHY, you can overcome any HOW


What do the successful have over those who aren’t? It is knowing their drive, their motivation and their why.

Les Brown says if you have a strong enough why you can overcome any ‘how’. Having a strong enough drive and motivation in life will push you to achieve what you never thought was possible.

My dad drives my why. My ‘why’ is that feeling you want when your dad looks at you playing sport for the first time, teaching you to shave, standing up for yourself or talking to pretty girls. That’s the relationship I wanted but unfortunately he was so busy working hard, earning a living for us I never knew him growing up. The thing with kids is they just want your time, not your money. I never want to be a parent in the position of choosing work over my child. My why is that I’ll never let my son feel rejected and neglected because of work commitments.

At the end of your life, what matters most?

Are you going to ask the nurses to put you in your Mercedes so you can go for one last spin? No.

Are you going to find comfort in rereading your financial statements? No.

What’s going to matter the most is having the right people around you to support you through your last few breaths.

If it matters the most then, shouldn’t people matter the most now?

The last 4-5 years have been hard but I’m at the position where I can travel a bit more. I still want to be in a position where I can travel for the rest of my life. Although I’m not there yet, I’m on the way.

One more thing, note that you become like the people you surround yourself with. If you are around negative Nancy’s or TV binge watchers who only watch others living their lives, you’re going to become like them.

Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? You will become and live the lifestyle that those closest to you live.

Keep on changing the game.


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