What Is Love (Spoken Word)

What is LOVE?

Love is blind, scary and exciting

It’s unique, hard to find and surprising

It’s fun, dangerous, difficult and defining

But most of all, love is not just a feeling, it’s an act

And even though it’s hard, it’s worthwhile to attract


We’ve all been in love, at least once in our lives

It’s something so beautiful, words cannot describe

But I’m still going to give it a try


Love is seeing her smile for the very first time

Having your heart melt and feeling sublime

It’s about kissing her forehead after a long day

Sitting in silence because you’re comfortable that way


It’s like meeting her parents and feeling nervous, that’s a fact

Having a one-on-one with her dad and trying to avoid eye contact

Love is staying calm when she freaks out

And trusting her when she’s out and about


It’s having the awkward silences after a big fight

And having the courage to say sorry even when you’re right

It’s about going to friends of friends for afternoon tea

Even when the biggest game is showing on TV


It’s about helping her through her doubts and fears

While keeping your shoulder open for her tears

It’s about getting shouted at unfairly and still keeping your cool

It’s about getting on the dancefloor even if you look like a fool


It’s about watching grey’s anatomy

And putting a smile on your face through the dramatic agony

It’s about looking past her words and feeling her pain

Being there for her, helping her feel better again


It’s about reading her mood and knowing what to say

Not to give solutions, but rather it’ll be okay

To sit with her problems as if they were your own

To walk the path together, feeling that you’ve both grown


It’s about paying for dinners most of the time

But also giving her the chance to treat you on her dime

It’s about having on hand a box of tissues

And helping her through some of her daddy issues


It’s about getting along with her family, no matter how crazy they are

Because for this girl, there is no distance too far

It’s about loving her at her worst

It’s about putting yourself second, and her first


It’s about supporting each other in your goals

It’s about communicating and giving up control

It’s about laughing, loving and taking long strolls

Because, love is the shortest distance between two souls


It’s about listening to her problems, and knowing the solution

But keeping your mouth shut and avoiding noise pollution

Because she doesn’t always need your advice

She needs to feel that you understand her, so be nice

This is where your compassion will begin

And most important, remember that love begins from within


If you’re unable to love yourself, how can you expect others to do so?

Sometimes you have to stand your ground, and say no

Sometimes, even when there is love, you can’t always agree

Maybe you want to settle down, but she wants to roam free


And holding on just makes things worse

Instead of true love, it feels like a curse

In these situations, as hard as it may be

You have to let her go and let her be free


If she comes back to you, then you know

Get down on one knee and let her face glow

From there, don’t let her out of your sight

Because without love, life is only half as bright


Love isn’t always easy, and it’s hard to find

It is like a career and requires the grind

It is about working at it every single day

Even when things don’t go your way


Don’t be scared to chase love and put everything at stake

Without love, life would be a mistake


Much love,


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